Distributed Concurrent Versions System (DCVS)

Finally, the DCVS 1.0 release is available! Please read the press announcement to learn about the new features and functions. See also the RELEASE PLAN for DCVS and DCCS, the comprehensive configuration management system based on DCVS.

The next release will be a maintenance release. It is scheduled for the first quarter of 2006. Please let us know about all your experiences and problems installing and using DCVS. We would like to incorporate your suggestions and requirements into our future products.

DCVS documentation

DCVS download

DCVS bugreport (GNATS)

DCVS Main Features

DCVS is the CVS based versions control system for software development across physically distributed sites.

It extends the programs CVS and CVSup with functionality to distribute CVS repositories with local lines of development and automatically handles synchronization of the distributed repositories in the background.

DCVS enables globally distributed developer teams to efficiently and securely collaborate on one component of one software product.

The DCVS concept of unique association of development lines prevents collisions and thus data loss.

Advantages of DCVS

  1. DCVS is based on CVS and therefore benefits from all advantages of CVS:

    Thus, integrating DCVS in your development environment poses no unpredictable risks.

    CVS and DCVS are

    CVS and DCVS

    and almost anywhere

  2. The Migration from CVS to DCVS requires minimum efforts
  3. Snapshots and Change Sets provide better support for release engineering and process management

    Here you can read why the use of snapshots and change sets is particularly advantageous for the configuration manangement in multi-site software development scenarios.

    The Unix manual page, section 1 user command dcvs contains a paragraph about the use of change sets and snapshots in dcvs. Here you find the description of the regular use cases.

  4. Simple and quick installation

    Even non-CVS-users can easily and quickly install DCVS. DCVS installation on three sites in 30 minutes describes step by step how you have to proceed.

  5. DCVS is an open source project

    The DCVS code is freely distributable under the GNU and BSD style licenses. Thus, acquiring DCVS is free of charge and licence bureaucracy.